Quand began relationships Xiao Zi, even after Xi People and Mei Zuo’s confusion regarding the your bending so you’re able to mother’s plan therefore early

Quand began relationships Xiao Zi, even after Xi People and Mei Zuo’s confusion regarding the your bending so you’re able to mother’s plan therefore early

Si’s log off and return

Au moment ou pressed Lei out of the F4 and you can changed him with Chen Qing He. Xi Males and you can Mei Zuo both refused to know Qing The guy because the a person in the newest F4. Quand next tried to expel Lei and you may Shan Cai, but Dao Ming Zhuang advised a solution. They divided into two teams of about three having Xi Males and you will Mei Zuo toward Si’s top facing Lei, Shan Cai, and Qing He. Si’s team almost acquired the brand new baseball meets, yet not, Quand gave up in the eleventh hour. Following the fits, Si chose to leave for new York. The F4 said good-bye so you can your from the airport.

Just after Lorsque returned to Taiwan, the brand new F4 went along to greet him in the their domestic. They spent all of the evening prepared, in advance of knowing that Lorsque choose to go observe “people essential” so you can him, aka Shan Cai. The next day, Xi People mocked Quand on purchasing the night from the Shan Cai’s family. Xi Males and you can Mei Zuo after advised Si so you’re able to apologize Shan Cai, shortly after the guy upset the girl a few times. Lorsque and you will Shan Cai later ran missing. Shortly after seeking Quand, he went to save your self Shan Cai of the lady kidnappers, even with his nearest and dearest wariness on the your heading by yourself. They went along to him at the healthcare and played a joke for the Shan Cai of the acting Quand had passed away. Xi Men, Mei Zuo, and Lei up coming remaining to beat right up Si’s crooks during the their request.

Supporting Quand and Shan Cai

Xi Boys, Mei Zuo, and Lei went to Shan Cai’s house to pick the girl upwards to possess Si’s party. They then helped the girl choose a pleasant skirt of Zhuang’s pantry. At the party, they made an effort to lay in the Shan Cai’s background to help you Si’s mother, Dao Ming Feng, just who rapidly saw through they. They helped Shan Cai and Quand eliminate the brand new group. After, it informed Quand on their mother maybe trying to break him and you can Shan Cai upwards. Feng ended up the suspicions proper, whenever she establish Si’s involvement in order to heiress He Yuan Zi. Xi People and Mei Zuo made an effort to help Si if you take the woman into the a romantic date. The just be sure to seduce the girl unsuccessful.

A few days later, the couple ran their separate indicates. After Shan Cai’s parents moved away, Xi Males, Mei Zuo, and you may Lei checked on the lady from the the lady family. Feng showed up just minutes after him or her. It made an effort to stand having Shan Cai, but was basically silenced from the Feng again. Shan Cai wound-up holding her own facing Feng, just who punctually left. Xi Men together with others offered their help to Shan Cai, when she proclaimed that she’d maybe not “concede defeat” so you’re able to the lady. Just after Shan Cai been doing work at the Si’s, Xi Males and you can Mei Zuo advised Lorsque and then make datingmentor.org/romanian-dating a shift. They later on gave him information, after they began relationship.

Permitting Xiao Your

Xi Guys located Xiao You weeping and you may took the woman to own coffee. She advised your you to their date Zhong Ze had kept their for the next woman. Xi Boys after that grabbed Xiao You to receive revenge to your him. On a pub, Xi Males began teasing with Zhong Ze’s woman and you can requested the woman that would she as an alternative day. When she wanted to go out him, Xi Guys presented Xiao You and told you he was when you look at the like together. Zhong Ze, realizing Xi Men’s bundle, made an effort to strike him, however, wound up delivering beat up. 24 hours later, Xi Males visited Xiao You and asked the lady to the a date. Brand new date got a method to tell you Shan Cai and you will Au moment ou exactly how couples is perform. Their bundle almost spent some time working, but Shan Cai caught her or him paying attention from the college accommodation door. After that nights, the brand new F4 achieved to share with you Si’s mommy, just who merely returned to Taipei.

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